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Two years since its launch, MyLife+ is now recognised as the go-to app for people with HIV (PWHIV) in Australia. The app’s core goal is to empower PWHIV to take control of their health and wellbeing, and more easily manage their overall quality of life – which is achieved through easy to use tools and reminders. The carefully considered features aim to help PWHIV proactively self-manage, better understand HIV and treatment options, and have improved conversations with their healthcare professionals.

People who have used MyLife+ for more than 90 days can provide feedback on how well it helps them in these areas. Data collected since September 2017 shows 82% of respondents agreed that the app has helped them to proactively manage their health and wellbeing, 75% agreed that it has helped them understand HIV and treatment options, and 70% agreed that it has helped them have better conversations with their healthcare professional.

The success of MyLife+ is largely attributed to the involvement of the positive community in the development process, to ensure the app experience reflected the needs of PWHIV. Focus group participant Craig Burnett says, "It was empowering to be invited to contribute to the MyLife+ app. I believe it is important for PWHIV to be involved in shaping initiatives within the positive community. MyLife+ has done well at engaging the positive community to try to address their needs around adherence and wellness.”

The latest app version includes a new home screen with intuitive in-app reminders; optional data protection and finger print or Face ID login. The update also includes Australia’s first short quality of life scale, called PozQol. The PozQol scale allows users to get a quality of life score with just 13 questions. It has been developed by La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health & Society in partnership with National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) and ViiV Healthcare. MyLife+ enhances this by providing helpful suggestions and related articles curated by NAPWHA.

ViiV understands that data is important to you, and as such has designed the app with discretion and control in mind. The personal information on your device cannot be accessed by ViiV nor is it transmitted to ViiV Healthcare’s systems unless you willingly choose to share your quality of life data with La Trobe University for research purposes. In which case this would be anonymised before it is shared. 

Download MyLife+ today through Google Play or the Apple App Store, or find out more here 

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Two years since its launch, MyLife+ is now recognised as the go-to app for people with HIV in Australia.
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