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HIV care at your fingertips

While scientific advancements continue to offer hope for a cure for HIV, technology has delivered positive people with the tools to ensure that we can live well in the present. This week saw the launch of the world’s first health and wellness app for people with HIV — MyLife+. It's free and can be downloaded onto an android or Apple device. 

Developed by ViiV Healthcare in consultation with the HIV community and the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA), MyLife+ provides the essential tools for all HIV-positive people to manage their health and wellbeing. 

The app puts positive people in charge of their health regime — from managing medical appointments, to tracking pills and prescriptions. Importantly, users can store their blood results such as CD4 counts and viral loads, enabling them to track progress over time.

For those like me who only have to visit the doctor every four months, using the daily journal feature allows me to plot side effects and symptoms, or to track my physical or emotional state over time. This provides valuable information at my fingertips for when I next visit my doctor. The MyLife+ app even includes information on giving up smoking, mindfulness, dealing with stigma — plus much more.

Every HIV-positive person can now take control of their physical, mental, emotional and medical wellbeing via the MyLife+ app. Privacy is ensured: my medical information is no one else’s business so I have password protected the app with all of my information securely stored on my smart phone, accessible only to me. It helps me to keep all of my vital information in the one spot, and I love it. 

While I’ve used other apps to remind me to take my pills, MyLife+ is specifically designed for someone living with HIV. It’s amazing, simple, brilliant — and essential, not just for living with HIV, but for living well with HIV.

Dean Beck is an ambassador for the MyLife+ phone app, and ENUF. He can be heard on JOY 94.9FM in Melbourne or 

Follow Dean on Twitter @DeanBeckOnAir

Download MyLife+ free here

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