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Discover world-first app for PLHIV

The world’s first health and wellbeing app for people with HIV — MyLife+ — has been launched in Australia. 

MyLife+ has been created by ViiV Healthcare in consulation with people with HIV and in partnership with the National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA).

ViiV Healthcare provided the funding and led the expertise for the app development, while — through its members — NAPWHA played a central role at key stages of its creation.

The app’s launch will be supported by a national advertising and promotional campaign, featuring Australians living with HIV, including NAPWHA board member Diane Lloyd (pictured below). They’ll appear in videos and articles encouraging people with HIV to take a proactive approach to health and wellness.

MyLife+ is free to download on android and Apple and has a wide variety of tools to help individuals manage their HIV. It also allows people with HIV to manage their overall health and monitor their general wellbeing.

Supporting medical care

People with HIV can use the app to keep track of lab results by creating a record of viral load and CD4 counts. The app creates graphs that show blood results visually over time. Users can customise results for a specific period and export the data to share with healthcare providers; this will allow people with HIV to monitor how results have progressed over time. The app allows users to match any dips or fluctuations to events or emotional wellbeing, or changes to treatment.  

As well, the app reminds users to take their HIV medication, while the ‘digital pillbox’ feature removes the hassle of using a physical pill box to remember which tablets have been taken and when, using customisable reminder-text for discretion. Optional reminders can also be set for healthcare appointments; the app can also be used to store contact details of doctors and specialists — it can even be used to record and store topics of discussion, such as moods and health concerns. The app will then produce a customisable report, which can be printed or emailed to a healthcare professional.

Supporting mental health

People with HIV are more likely to experience mental health issues than the general population — this impacts on physical health. Stigma also continues to be a challenge for people with HIV. With this in mind, the app features simple push-button tools to help users track their emotional wellbeing and overall quality of life. As well as recording moods, MyLife+ allows users to monitor how happy and connected they are with a simple quality-of-life tracker.

Individuals can also create a journal so as to record events such as whether they have been in touch with friends or engaged in social activity; this will enable users to link emotional wellbeing with behaviour.

Education and connectedness

MyLife+ also contains news and information curated by NAPWHA. The partnership between ViiV Healthcare and NAPWHA will continue into the future with NAPWHA managing updated content and ongoing engagement with the HIV-positive community.

App updates are already being planned, and in a version to be released early next year, app users will receive a regularly updated news feed of treatment, research and community information.


Privacy was a big consideration during the development of MyLife+. Because of this, all the data is stored on an individual’s device and is password protected, so users can be assured that their information can’t be accessed by anyone else.

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